Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Score or Bore?

Hey y'all!  Now I must preface this with the fact that I absolutely adore Physician's Formula as a whole.  I have tried so many of their products and there has only been one that I didn't completely fall in love with!

Nevertheles... the following product was such a dud!

It looks so promising in the package:

It entices with a splendid mixture of varied tones of pink.  It should be a beautiful natural blush with the balance that a Laura Geller balance-n-brighten foundation offers.  As a bonus, the package is deliriously feminine and gorgeous!

On my super pale skin, this blush barely shows up!  Don't be fooled by the glitter writing on it - it is an overspray that quickly erases.  The colors underneath look like a pale, pale, barely pigmented pink.  It is reminiscent of a color-correcting powder (you know, the ones that contain blue, green, yellow, and pink to counteract any discoloration?), but instead of color correcting, it just looks white with a hint of pink.  The pink doesn't even come through on my skin.  On many applications, it looks slightly pink, but more white than anything else.  Bummer!  I worry what this looks like on medium or dark tones.  Certainly such a pale blush is too light for medium tones, but it should be perfect for pale girls.

The Ruling? It's a bore :(

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