Monday, October 20, 2014


Hi. y'all!  So.... as a near 30 year old, I only started using eyeshadow this year.  I wasn't against it, I just wasn't into it, ya know?  And what I find now is that eyeshadow is so fun to play with!

If, for some reason, you too have been hiding under a rock the last few years or are just ready to play with some cool eyeshadow colors, read on, my friend!

I wanted to share with you a few looks that are ridiculously easy.  I mean, when I started learning about eyeshadows, I kept wondering where this "crease" thing was.  So, here's a look to try with one shade!  I used a deep sparkly purple.

Take your shadow and "pat" it on with a brush (a dense, non-puffy one is best as it can pack on pigment without splattering it everywhere!) on your eyelid from your lashes to the "crease."  The crease is where your eyes fold in the socket - if you push with your fingers, it's between the top of your eyeball and your brow bone.  Next, use a small, precise brush to line the outer part of your bottom line.  Yep, go ahead and smooth it out on the bottom!  Try some mascara on both your top and bottom lashes!  This look works great with deep colors like browns, taupes, and dark purples.  But try it with a light color and see how it makes your eyes pop!

Hint: try smoothing a little eye primer on your lid before you start.  If you don't have any eye primer, try some concealer or face primer.

On a 2-D person, it looks like this:

On a 3-D person, it looks like this: 

Me, personally I like the 3-D person.... but ya know, I'm a little bit biased towards her!

Have fun with your colors!  Makeup, if nothing else, is about fun!

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