Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where has all the summer gone?

Confession: I am already dreading winter, and it is still over 80 degrees outside.  Over the last few days, temperatures have been hinting at dropping and the mosquitos of the south are nowhere to be seen.  I am like a toddler sitting on the floor: "I won't!  I won't head into winter!  I refuse the end of summer!"  There are only a few things I love about cold weather, and cozy scarves and jackets are two of them.  So today I patched together some fall-friendly pieces.

First, I took an old black jean jacket and cut off the sleeves, the hem, and the collar.  This thing was embarassingly old - but it was so comfy that I kept wearing it!  Let's just say that the arms were tight - and it's not like we people gain a lot of weight each year in our arms.  Yeah, let's skip that math.  I adore half jean jacket, half sweatshirt combos.  For this piece, though, I joined the jean jacket with a striped sweater.  I just adore the collar!  :)  

From that same sweater, I sewed up this neck scarf.  I call it the "easy, under coat scarf" cause you can just slide it on and put your coat over it.  It is sewed together at the bottom.  The lining is a comfy sweatshirt :)  You know - the inside part that is so comfy and soft!

For now, I'm putting these pieces in the corner and heading outside to enjoy the rest of the warm weather!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Old souls

Calling all old souls, those who prefer tea and cakes over beer and chips, a book and a fire over a night on the town, and spritzes of perfume from a poof rather than a glittery bottle!

I found some handkerchiefs at the local pharmacy - yes, handkerchiefs!  I couldn't believe it.  I picked up a couple of packs and sewed them together this afternoon into tiny little accent pillows.  Hmm, they look so dainty and cosy on the love seat, I can't even stand it!