Monday, April 13, 2015

Pale girls unite!

Are you a pale girl that finds herself using the lightest foundation available as a liquid contour? I can relate to you!

Here are some affordable face products that are fantastic for us snow whites! Before these, I am sad to say the best fit in color for me was a supposedly "translucent" powder!
First up: the maybelline instant age rewind concealer. Note: it has to be the dark spot concealer! Not the under eye concealer in the regular packaging. This baby in fair is fantastic! You can use it as a touch up, under the eyes, or in the center of your face (and skip foundation!)
My recommendation is still to set it with a powder of sorts, especially if you are spot treating so it blends in with the rest of your skin. 
Second: the covergirl+olay de-puffer in fair! Amazing stuff! I use it everywhere! This or the the instant age rewind are fabulous for swiping on where you need coverage, blending in, and heading out the door! Fair has a beautiful natural tone that is not yellow or red.
Finally: the powder that actually has coverage! Not even that, it has amazing coverage! The wet and wild coverall in fair! I find this is a perfect replace my for liquid foundation (what??? It's true, it's true!). It works best with a primer underneath or a light bb cream. It perfecta really similarly to the Too Faced chocolate foundation, but it doesn't have the wonderful chocolate smell (😕) or the high price tag (😃)

Now I can enjoy being a pale girl again!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Hi y'all!
It is snowing outside! And considering it's  the south, it's quite a bit of snow for us.... Snowflakes are visible at one particle per cubic yard.  Walking out of target, I joined the group of strangers stopped in their tracks, observing the snowfall.

Now it's quite handy given the cold atmosphere that this week happens to be Maslenitsa. New to this holiday? It is a russian folk holiday to mark the change of seasons, and boy is it fun to celebrate! On this holiday, whip up blintzes and pancakes or anything else with butter. It is the holiday of burning butter! Today I am making blintzes using Natasha's recipe - she shares awesome recipes and ogle-worthy pictures on her blog, 
Here's some of the magic in my kitchen:
Happy Maslenitsa!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pen holders... Hey, I could make those!

So I have been on the lookout for a way to add a pen holder to my planner...
And without any luck of finding cute ones, I asked the sewing machine for some help.  Here's what it answered me with!

Simple and cute! Oh I love the many uses of fold over elastic! The ones that have fabric straps have a stretch of pretty fold over elastic in the back.
Then the sewing machine started whispering..... That's when it got weird. "Forget practicality! You need ruffles for no reason!" It said. On the front cover, nonetheless, the cheeky thing!

Monday, February 2, 2015

You Know You're Sick When...

Do you have certain tell tale signs that tell you, yep, it's not just a one-day sickness, you've got the full on flu? Here are mine (the ones that are not so vivid and disgusting, involving words like phlegm and congestion)

You Know You're Sick When:
1. you have absolutely no ideas on anything you could do, whether that be things you need to do or things you want to do. You've got a completely blank head.
2. you seem unable to make easy decisions. Tea or soup? Huh, whaaaat...? that's so hard!
3. when you need to get something, the decision of whether or not you will get out of bed totally relies on how far away the thing is. I know I should get some warm tea for my throat, but it's in the kitchen... and I'm not in the kitchen...
4. you don't want to talk to anyone. Cause it hurts. And it is too much effort to come up with words to say.
5. You are exhausted after having slept all day.

You Know You're Sick as an Adult (vs. a Kid) When:
1. you cancel appointments and your job for the day and actually miss going.
2. the prospect of getting to watch TV for the entire day doesn't do too much for you; in fact, you have no idea what to actually watch and aren't really watching it when you turn it on.
3. your friends don't come over after school to drop off your homework for the day; instead, you make a long list of things you need to do when you get better; you hope that happens soon because the catch up is going to be terrible!
4. you really can eat whatever you want, so long as you can muster up the energy to go and get it.

Since we're going to have a long winter, let's hope for a healthy one!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Geometric tips

Have y'all tried these nail tip stickers from Kiss? I seriously love them every time I use them! The packet comes with a regular French tip and a set of crystal, full nail stickers (props for two uses, Kiss!)
And I must say, they look pretty cute on short nails!  You can apply them just to the tips for a traditional French manicure look or on half the nail, like I did, for a geometric look!  How fun!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dry skin and 5 minutes to get out the door?

Once, twice, or everyday in winter... It happens.  Despite copious amounts of moisturizer, despite a diversified skin care routine... You wake up with dry pathes all over.  But quick! You've got to be out the door and there is no time for a long skin care routine and makeup!

Well grab a bb cream and some cream products! Today we are eschewing powders of all types!

Here we've got a Maybelline lipstick in Lust for Blush (665), a vibrant pink cream blush from a Sonia Kashuk palette, Sonia Kashuk's cream bronzer, and a metallic eyeshadow (this one is from Pacifica).

Use a stippling brush to apply a blue toned, healthy looking blush.  If you want, use a cream bronzer to contour (I sheeted this one out quite a lot!) Pop on a metallic eyeshadow to draw attention to your eyes!  If your lids are not your dry spots, you can certainly use a powder shadow.  Top it off with a fresh lip color like Lust for Blush.  This matte line is amazing because it is moisturizing and didn't accentuate dry lips.  Now if your lips are in the desert territory, you may want to try a bright gloss!

Toodle pop! Off for some tea and some face moisturizer now that it's the end of the day!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Presto! I'm awake!

Hello, dreamers!

I've been enjoying this simple look for looking sweet and awake!  It all comes down to two of my favorite products:

The Bold Lacquer Mascara by Revlon and The Concealer & Highlighter by E.L.F.!!!
For this look, you will also need:
*foundation, bb cream, or the like
*concealer (if you wish)
*your favorite blush
*the attitude of peter pan (hey, no grown up notions here!)

After your foundation (and concealer), smile!  Place 2 dots of cream highlighter on the top of your cheek (yep, we are accentuating the wide part of the face, but the glow looks fantastic!).  Blend, blend, blend!  This highlighter is soooo easy to work with!

For the mascara, run one coat on each set of eyelashes (it looks pretty ordinary at this point!).... wait a few seconds, and apply another coat (ooh, those lashes are starting to look good!)....wait a few more and apply the last coat (what!?  why do you look so awake all of a sudden with those flirty eyelashes of yours?!)

Now top off your look with your favorite blush!  Any lip product will go with this looks, so go for your best!

Now hop on out into the sunshine and have a fabulous day!