Thursday, January 30, 2014

Calling All Girly Tomboys

Confession: I am in my mid-twenties and have just now learned how to apply eyeliner.

As a former tomboy that is discovering all the beauties of makeup, I have to say, eyeliner rocks!  A colorful little line and full-blown mascara?  Oooh, it feels so cute!

One of my favorite little guilty pleasures (as I'm learning about where blush goes and what a highlighter does) is to eye gorgeous makeup online.  I absolutely LOVE sets as you can try lots of different products at once!  So, you'll notice... these are all sets, and all from! Ready to see some beauties?  Grab a cup of something and oggle with me!

So first of all, isn't this the most perfectly compact, basic & classic little set?  Two lipsticks, three eyeshadows, and a sparkly lipgloss are tucked into a little case that is perfect to toss in your purse.
Bobbi Brown Everyday Pretty Lip & Eye Palette ($30)
Now, if you love glitter like me, ooooo-er!  Check this palette out!  I love sparkly shadows and purple shadows, so mix them together and it's perfection!  I'm still learning how to do the whole blending thing, but I love a gorgeous color all over the eyelid!  This palette also has 4 gorgeous lip shades.  I wonder if Bobbi Brown could make a compact lip palette with those beauties?
Bobbi Brown Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette ($80)
Here's another little compact.  And by little, I mean little!  I think it's about the size of an i-Phone!  Check out the variety of shadows (and the sparkle! Oh, the sparkle...), a blush, a bronzer, and a super shimmery highlight.  The highlight looks really chunky, and though I love glitter, I don't completely want to have chunky glitter on my face.
Too Faced Glamour To Go ($22, now $18)
Did I mention the purple and sparkly shadows call my name?  This eye palette has a pretty blend of purples and neutrals.  It highly reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Twilight Palette, minus the adorable lippies.
Sephora Primal Instincts Eyeshadow Palette ($28, now $15)
Ahhhhh..... purple and sparkle.... it strikes again.
Too Faced Boudoir Eyes ($36)
Now this baby looks like a great palette to take for traveling!  With a pretty pop of blush, a bronzer that looks like a blush/bronzer combo, and a mix of matte and shimmery shadows, it's all of the color you'll need for a week away from home!
Tarte Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette ($44)
I cannot believe how darn cute this little candy bar is!  It fits inside an i-Phone case!  INSIDE!  As in: there are 11 shadows, a bronzer, and a blusher that you could fit in a pocket! (Though probably not your pocket as most girls' pockets hold no more than a few quarters.)  Don't the shadows just look lovely?  My favorite part is that it looks like each shadow would look great on its own - you know, for those girls that are still learning the blending technique!

Too Faced Candy Bar ($25)
And lastly: this little beauty!  Four lipsticks in one and they are all neutral and beautifully radiant pops of color!
Too Faced Natural Kiss ($24, now $19)

Ah, daydreaming of colors and makeup.... I think I may need a little lie down from all this gorgeousness.  But I hear some sparkles calling my name.  Off to see what they want.  Be back later for more day dreams.

What are you dreaming of today?

Sparkly Twirls

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All Plans Have Been Canceled...

...Due to SNOW!

It seems like everyone is getting snow today, and our town was no exception!  Students are coming home from school early, businesses are shutting down, and the grocery stores are mobbed by the brave.

The only craft for this Crafty Tuesday is a warm cup of hot chocolate while looking out at the drifting snow flakes.  In a Southern town where we can count the number of city snow plows on our fingers, snow means a flat-out stop to all daily activities, whether it be presentations, meetings, gatherings, errands, studies, exercises, or any of the sort.... snow in a Southern town demands family time, preferably with hot chocolate and a movie, with pjs to boot.  Now I know some Northerners are saying, "hey, it's only a few inches of snow! What's the problem?"  But for us snow is a special treat that comes in a blue moon.  So bring on the hot chocolate and movies!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Days...

Some days are so tiring that there is just nothing left to do but paint your nails a bright color to give you some energy.  Or pop on a bright scarf.... or bright shoes...... or dream of somewhere warm while sipping hot chocolate. ;)

There's a wall at home covered in quotes!  Have you tried washi tape for projects like this?  I didn't quite get the hype, but now I'm convinced!  It's very cute!  I used a variety of wide washi tape to put up the quotes!

As I'm dreaming of warmth and colors (what's up, America?  Everyone's getting hit by the cold fronts!), I am thinking of a kid's poem.  It seems to describe this day, and it's a poem I read when I was just a little wee one.

The reason I like chocolate
by Nikki Giovani

The reason I like chocolate

is I can lick my fingers
and nobody tells me I'm not polite
I especially like scary movies
'cause I can snuggle with Mommy
or my big sister and they don't laugh
I like to cry sometimes 'cause
everybody says "what's the matter
don't cry"
and I like books
for all those reasons
but mostly 'cause they just make me
and I really like
to be happy

Hope you're having a lovely and warm day!  (Or at least enjoying dreaming of one.... ;) )

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crafty Tuesday

Howdy, Stranger!

Welcome to Crafty Tuesday, a day of one new craft, whether it be big or small, a success or a disaster.  That's the way it goes with crafts, as you may well know.  One hour into the project and you may be holding a glue gun in one hand and a one-armed shirt in the other, wondering how these relate to the flower project you were working on.  Hey, let's just roll with it - these things happen!

Today, I refashioned a warm cowl from a shirt and a sweater.  The sweater pattern was so pretty I have been thinking for months of how to make this tiny sweater into something I could still wear. (Anyone else spend time mulling over patterns and fabric?  Hmm...heavenly)

And with the cold still in season and a little hot chocolate as inspiration, here's what I came up with!

You could wear it with the lace on the outside, and jersey on the inside (ah, giving it the illusion of really cold weather):

Or you could flip it inside out and wear the warmth on the inside!

This certainly calls for another round of hot chocolate!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Howdy, Stranger!  You may be wondering what this blog is all about.  It is a collection of lovelies... of beautiful ideas and fun girly things.  First off, let's just jump right in - there is no place to start but to share a few things!

I'm crocheting a blanket - eep!  I just started a few days ago, and this is quite a bigger project than my typical scarves.  I love knitting and crocheting, but I am terrible with patterns.  I love the idea of patterns, but uh, I'm a little too impatient to figure them out most times.  Instead I see a picture and try to figure out how to make it.   Do you ever just look at a craft, try to replicate it, and then come up with something crazy and entirely different?  Hands up cause I do!

Anyways, this blanket is the outcome of me actually following a crocheting chart! Woohoo!  I love the swirls in it.  So far, it is scarf width!  Only 10 more scarf widths to go!

Now for a little confession about me... I've got one pretty bad habit: biting and picking at my nails.  I mean, seriously... I'm not 10 anymore!  Why do I pick at my nails?  Over the years, I've tried lots of different so-called "cures."  Pepper nail polish, a reward system.... and eureka, something worked!  It could also be that I'm more "mature" now and ready to have pretty nails....hmm...
Here's whatcha do:
1. Trim your nails and cuticles, exfoliate and moisturize (really, whatever floats your boat in terms of nail pampering)
2. Paint your nails
3. The moment you pick your nails or they get chipped, repeat 1 & 2.

Thank goodness I love painting my nails cause this approach takes up so much time!! I would start picking them apart if they had a chip in them, so I was painting my nails every day or other day in the beginning.  Needless to say, the nail polish remover is running on very low.

But, Ta-Da!  Here they are so far!

Ok, ok, there is one thing that really added the fairy dust to the situation and made this 1-2-3 process work this time (and not others.)  The amazing ....

Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle!
Seriously, it actually is a miracle. I got it because I liked the color, but wow!! After a few days of this on my nails, they had grown a milimeter!!  I'm not quite sure that the amount of exclamation points does it justice.  It's just phenomenal.  But you know, you have to use it with the 1-2-3 system! ;)


Sparkly Twirls