Monday, April 13, 2015

Pale girls unite!

Are you a pale girl that finds herself using the lightest foundation available as a liquid contour? I can relate to you!

Here are some affordable face products that are fantastic for us snow whites! Before these, I am sad to say the best fit in color for me was a supposedly "translucent" powder!
First up: the maybelline instant age rewind concealer. Note: it has to be the dark spot concealer! Not the under eye concealer in the regular packaging. This baby in fair is fantastic! You can use it as a touch up, under the eyes, or in the center of your face (and skip foundation!)
My recommendation is still to set it with a powder of sorts, especially if you are spot treating so it blends in with the rest of your skin. 
Second: the covergirl+olay de-puffer in fair! Amazing stuff! I use it everywhere! This or the the instant age rewind are fabulous for swiping on where you need coverage, blending in, and heading out the door! Fair has a beautiful natural tone that is not yellow or red.
Finally: the powder that actually has coverage! Not even that, it has amazing coverage! The wet and wild coverall in fair! I find this is a perfect replace my for liquid foundation (what??? It's true, it's true!). It works best with a primer underneath or a light bb cream. It perfecta really similarly to the Too Faced chocolate foundation, but it doesn't have the wonderful chocolate smell (😕) or the high price tag (😃)

Now I can enjoy being a pale girl again!