Thursday, May 1, 2014

What do you mean chocolate isn't an appropriate breakfast?

i.e. Crafty day and chocolate eating day! :) Do y'all like how Crafty Tuesday turned into Crafty Wednesday and then into Crafty Day?  Hey, girls, sometimes you just gotta go with the way creativity strikes (ahem - when, rather) and what your week happens to entail.

So, yesterday I was making hair clips and today I had so much fun sewing!

Let me show you my little craft haul!

So the first project I just have to share is this adorable mason jar!  Can't say who it's for, but it is filled with goodies.  Have you guys seen this idea?  You fill a mason jar with themed gifts, like a gift basket.  And then you decorate it so it is too stinking cute to look at!  It's like a gift basket but in miniature, so it works well for yummy treats, spa items, or tools, etc.  Not so well if you are looking to put together a movie basket, though!  ;)  It'd be a tough call to fit a DVD in one of those things, but then again, they've put model ships in teeny tiny bottles, so nothing is lost ;)

Fabric and glue - who would have thought? 
 I kind of love that they turned out a little crazy...(the hair clips, not the photos!)

A tote bag I made! Ah, the pattern!  I can't even stand how cute it is!
The front has a polka dotted slanted pocket in the front -
I used a thin, dark blue fold over elastic to edge the top of the pocket.
I got the idea from this guy:
And the pattern from here:

I'm always wearing headbands to work out, but I have a hard time finding ones that absorb, look cute, and stay put!  I have totally seen thick ones made of sports fabric at the store, but... 8 dollars is just too much to pay for one headband!  So here is what I came up with!  The dark blue is super absorbent sports fabric, the turquoise is pretty thick fold over elastic (that stuff is amazing!).  And when I finished it up and it filled all its practical purposes, it just really needed a flower.  :)  You know how it is.

Hope you are having a good rest of Thursday - it is so nearly Friday!!!
As we used to say, TGIF!

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