Friday, May 9, 2014

Crafts that made me giggle

Hello, my friends!

Today I want to share with you a couple of crafts I've been working on throughout the week!  I refashioned jeans - a project that took me several days, and I made a bag - a project that took less than two hours.

First up, a pair of boring old bell bottoms with gigantic back pockets that act as magnifiers!

1. Turn them into skinny jeans - a great tutorial here!

2. Take off the back pockets

3. Use a bleach pen to add polka dots all over!  Am I seeing spots yet?

4. Wash the bleach out and rock your new jeans!*

*As you rock your new jeans, try to remember that you are not the first to come up with the red stripes and blue stars combo!  Costume contest, anyone?

The other project I worked on still make me giggle nearly uncontrollably as I think about it!  It all started when my friend and I (we met in 7th grade, y'all!) were talking and somehow Harry Potter and book releases came up!  Ah, those were the days!  So I was reminiscing and thought, I wonder if I can make a cute (ahem: read: not TOO dorky) craft to do with HP.  And so I looked on Pinterest for ways to make Hermione's expandable bag.  Did y'all know the drawstring bag is actually a jewelry pouch?!  As in: it's a real life pattern that people have been using for years?!?  Ok, I suppose it isn't entirely unfathomable that the world does not revolve around Harry Potter, but still... I was a little bit blown away by the existence of this pattern.  I added some handles (cute bangle bracelets, actually), and a gigantic silk flower I had made earlier.  Voila!  The granny Hermione bag!

Great tutorial here:

Even as I'm writing this now, it's cracking me up!  It's just too cute in a ridiculous way!  :)  Sometimes (ie. ALWAYS) you need those things that make you happy for no reason :)  Like hot chocolate, and sunny days, and a pretty lipgloss, and a great puzzle, and a long dinner with good friends, and a funny little Hermione bag...

Hope your weekend is off to a marvelous start!  Make it mahvelous, dahling, just mahvelous!

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