Thursday, May 15, 2014

A project long in the making and a few spur of the moment projects


Is it obscenely hot outside where you are?  A heat "wave" seems absurdly appropriate - it seems like it washed over us Southerners in a blast of a night.  We fell asleep in fleece and woke up to a burning sun.

I've been thinking of one project for months now - not that it was particularly complicated; I just did not ever feel like working on it.  And today, I was excited to get it done!  Here's the story: three years ago, we bought two office chairs (we thought they were the same!).  One of them still looks like it is new while the other (more comfy) chair appears to have started molting.   Yes, molting.  The chair flakes off pieces of the black covering anytime someone sits in it.  The result?  We are all walking around like spotted cheetahs with these little specks attached to our legs!  But the thing is, this chair is so much more comfortable than the other one... despite the fact that they looked alike.  So, I have made a cute little cover for it!  You know, since we can't give it lotion for its rough skin.... we can at least dress it up some so it doesn't feel bad.

It's a super simple quilt-like pattern on one side, and a soft fleece on the other.  I made straps that attach two per parallel side - you just tie them on the diagonal under the chair!  (erm - you'll can probably tell, but I'm a math person) :)  Math lovers unite!

So, then, I thought: ooh, I have a sewing machine and some pretty fabric, so I'll whip up some headbands and an infinity scarf!

I have to tell you the secret to all of these infinity scarves!  I have a lot of old skirts that are in gorgeous patterns but don't fit anymore.  Do you?  Cut out the waist of those bad boys and turns the rest into an infinity scarf!  Perfect for spring!  I think I may have more scarves than anything else at this point, but they really are like lip glosses.... you can never have too many!  I love making them and I am thrilled to wear them!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'll leave you with a quote:

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude"
-Scott Hamilton

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