Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hi there

Well, hello!  Are you thinking it's still Tuesday, cause I sure am!  As crazy as this week has been, we may have just skipped Wednesday and all its crafts all together.  No time to cry, though, cause there's always room for a chat and a chocolate.  So grab a treat and let's chat over it!

The other day I met someone with incredibly beautiful nails..... and when she went to shake my hand, I grabbed hers and, like a kid spotting toys, started exclaiming how much I love the color!  Erm.. that may have been slightly inappropriate adult behavior. ;)

So let's talk about makeup cause I have been oggling and adoring a few products this week!

PRIMER - do y'all use primer?  I am no fan of full coverage foundations, and so have never loved primer.  Until.... this little baby!  

Luminous Primer,
As a particularly pale girl, I tend to have redness show through.  And this potion smoothes it out, brightens my skin, and even moisturizes.  But, you know, as a former tomboy, I am all about comfort - and this primer is so smooth, I have to resist stroking my skin in public.  (Cause seriously - that would be weird......or at least weirder than grabbing stranger's nails instead of shaking their hands) :)

FOUNDATION - I've gotta tell you that I thought this "foundation-in-a-stick" idea was a little hokey.  But then again, we've got soap-on-a-rope and solid-perfume-in-a-stick, so it isn't too far off, right?  This Maybelline stick sold it for me!  

Fit Me Foundation,

Ooh, this is so pretty!  And it's crazy that it works!  It is medium coverage, and is so easy to use!  It glides on smooth and feels soooo good on my skin.  It also doesn't irritate my skin like some other foundations.  As in: at the end of the day, my skin still looks like my skin and not like it has been covered up the whole day.

LIPSTICK - I have been loving this lipstick this week.  Is it really lipstick?  It's more like a very tainted lip balm that smells like cherries and childhood.  The shade "Almost Famous" adds a nice wash of healthy red to your lips.  Despite being a bright color, it is pretty forgiving in application - ie you don't need a mirror! p.s. yep, I hear ya if you were that person who walked passed this aisle at Ulta and rode it off as "kid's makeup."  I tried it on the recommendation of Emily Noel, and I have changed my mind!

Almost Famous,

NAIL POLISH - Oh, la la, this blue makes me smile each time I look at my nails!  In the shade of "Bikini So Teeny," it is as ready for the summer time as I am!

Bikini So Teeny,


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