Thursday, May 22, 2014

Flowers + Buns = How did it become so chic?

Now I love flowers and I love all sorts of hairstyles, but traditionally, buns are associated with older ladies and granny chic flowers are, as well.  But combining them, we get a boho, festival-style, summer bun wrap.  How crazy is that?!  It looks so fresh and young!

I've seen these around - but ya know, my first thought when I'm looking at accessories is, how do I make that?  (If you're in the store and you see a woman looking at the stitching on an accessory or the way wire jewelry is put together, come say hello!  That is likely me!)

So, here's my take on the classy and snazzy bun wrap:  Some fold over elastic and some flowers!  It looks cute with a tuck (the first photo) or with a traditional bun (the second photo).

Are you ready for summer?

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