Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weekly Favorites

Hey, girls!

Do you have bloggers, you tuber, tweeters, and the like that you just LOVE to keep up with?  My friend and I were talking about learning makeup, so I thought I'd share who I love to watch and follow! (In no particular order.... ;) please don't make me choose who I  am most loyal to because I just couldn't! )

Emily of Beauty Broadcast - Oh my gosh, this girl LOVES makeup and loves to talk about it!  She's awesome!  She also does quick (under 5 minute) reviews of new products every weekday.  I've tried a lot of things based on her recommendations.

Melissa of Melmphs - Melissa makes me feel like we're in a coffee shop chit chatting about makeup.  Also like passing notes in middle school and gossiping about boys.  She has these cute songs she sings, which are so darn cute they are impossible to describe.  "girl, you talk about preeetty...." guess you have to be there.

Tracy and Stephanie of EG - These girls are sisters and are just peppy and happy to watch!  They are hilarious!

Karen of The Makeup and Beauty Blog - Girl, this lady makes "old cat lady" sound AWESOME!  She bears cat anything proudly and, as usual, talks about makeup!  She's all about living a happy life and laughing a lot!  She does these fake adverts with her cat in them (posing for makeup ads!) which completely crack me up!!

So, on the note of makeup, I wanted to take a cue from Melissa (not literally... I'm no thief) and talk about the products I've been loving this week!  I absolutely love hearing about what products girls love!  Grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit with me!

Ok, first and foremost: it took me nearly 30 years, but I've finally done black eyeliner!!  I am over the moon thrilled!  I've been playing with the Jordana Fabuliner that EG talk about.
Using small strokes & balancing my hand against my cheek
Is it weird that I can hear Melissa's voice in my head saying, "girl, you talk about preeetty"?  Cause girl, this is one pretty eyeliner.
Next, this yummy smelling lotion!  I put this on after the shower a shower and particularly on my legs.  It just smells so good!  It is pretty thick but rubs in (and absorbs!) quickly!  It smells like chocolate in a very good way.  You know how there are some lotions that claim to "smell" like chocolate but instead just smell very odd?  This is NOT one of those!  If I could put this on a cake, I would totally eat it.  Erm... well, you know, the put the scent on a cake, not the actual lotion. ;)  Get this little baby at Ulta - I love this whole line because they are pretty natural, offer great-working products, and are so well-priced!

Ah!  This palette - I can't even get over how pretty this Stila palette is.  It's so much prettier in person.  With 6 shadows, a highlight, and a light bronzer, it creates a very neutral, glowy look.  You can probably tell which shades I use the most!  I put Demure all over my lid and Silk in the crease.  Thanks, Emily, for showing me how to apply eyeshadow to the crease!
Be juicy and fresh, but don't get fresh with me!

This week I have been loving wearing this lip balm.  It looks like a lipstick, but don't be fooled: it'll give you color AND moisturize your lips.  They say everyone needs a "your lips but better" color and this one totally does it for me!  It looks juicy and fresh!  Yum!

How's your cuppa doing?  Need a refill?  Grab another and have yourself a wonderfully beautiful day!

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