Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Crafty Wednesday!

Today, I've got some solutions for you for the following 5 problems:

Is it cold outside?  Wear a scarf!
Is it sunny outside?  Wear a scarf!
Is it windy outside?  Wear a scarf!

Feeling blue?  Wear a colorful scarf to cheer you up!
Feeling bouncy?  Wear a colorful scarf to show off your energy!

Did I tell y'all I love scarves?

So, today, I whipped up three scarves.  Yes, they are all for me, and no, I haven't figured out how to wear them all at once.  Working on a cloning idea next....

Without further ado, here are my beauties!  I had so much fun making these infinity scarves and am smiling thinking about wearing them!

 The fabric is a light lavender silk.  Ah, so smooth and soft, like the cold side of the pillow!

 This fabric is particularly special!  It comes from a dress that I wore a lot when my husband and I first started dating!  So we have a lot of pictures of me in this dress, smiling at him, and holding his hand.  Having long outgrown this dress, I couldn't bear to throw it away!  Love that I can still wear it :)

Can you tell the picture where the sun had set?

 I made this thin turquoise scarf, but it looked like a poor wilted flower and didn't hang right!  Maybe it was just lonely?  So I made it a polka dotted friend, and sewed up the backs together.  Love it!  Is it a necklace or is it a scarf?  Who knows?  But I'm digging a print and solid together!  Plus, both fabrics are deliciously soft!

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