Friday, August 1, 2014

What is it with palettes?

They just draw me in!

"I could be the multi-tasker you have been searching for...," they say. "I am small and feign low maintenance with my sleek packaging, but you and I both know you just need a lot of choices. I can be your perfect make up companion."

Girls, I found a face palette that is absolutely perfect for natural, girly, soft looks!  It's this tiny Sephora palette:

And I mean tiny!  It's about the size of a cell phone!

The bronzer is a light colored matte brown, perfect for pale girls to contour with!  It adds a nice color without looking overwhelming.  There are also two powder blushes.  The lightest is a bubble gum pink that adds a sunny flush to the cheeks.  The darkest is a deep mix between coral and berry, and looks fabulous when you need a little extra umph!  I am so excited to take this palette on a trip and see how it holds up!  The packaging is seriously sturdy, something to be grateful for, as any girl that's dropped a powder will know.

Happy Summer, Y'all!

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