Thursday, July 17, 2014

My new foundation routine, or: how a brush changed my life

Well, hello there!

If you love light makeup, are oily or sweaty, and are looking for a flawless looking and a "quick to apply" makeup, girl, let's sit down and talk!

First off, I put on concealer under my eyes (Pixi's Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach is ah-mazing if you naturally look like the zombie of death) and liquid highlighter on the tops of my cheeks and down my nose.

Next, apply a light layer of a primer - I love the Laura Geller line and the Almay CC!

Then, (and here's the amazing part!), take your e.l.f. powder brush (it looks like a giant stippling brush) and pack on the Physician's Formula Air-Brushing Pressed Powder (from the Mineral Wear line).  This is my winning combination!  First off, the powder has SPF 30 in it!  And second, the amazing brush is SO ridiculously easy to use and makes the powder look amazing now and for a good bit of the day!  It's the kind of thing where I look in the mirror and at the same time notice how smooth my skin looks and wonder where the makeup is (cause I cannot see it!)

You can also use the amazing brush for applying blush and bronzer - oh, please do!  It looks flawless!  You can't tell where the blush and bronzer start and end on your face, it just looks beautiful.

So there you go, ladies, my secret formula for summer.  Turns out it is super easy!  And I have to say, my husband does not mind one bit that I can get ready in 5 minutes (as opposed to 15, 20, 30...) with this winning combo. ;)  Not that, you know, I get ready in 5 minutes most days.  Makeup is about fun, right?

Stay happy!

Sparkly Twirls

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