Thursday, August 14, 2014

Well, hello, there!  Today, I thought I'd share with you some things I love and some that I rather don't!
I absolutely love reading lists like these about other people - little quirks that make each person a little unique!  A little silly list is sometimes perfect to start a day of laughter!
Here we go!

1. Cucumbers with salt! Note: these are not pickles, but cucumbers with salt sprinkled over.
2. Peeling garlic... it's therapeutic, somehow!
3. Cleaning dirty dishes, particularly by hand.
4. PJ dresses - as cute as a dress, but as comfy as a blanket? Yes, please!
5. Candles! Particularly: in our reading room! Yes, we have a reading, and I am awfully proud!
6. Giving surprise present to special people!
7. Chocolate glazed donuts!
8. Rain, and anything that can be done when it's raining: whether it's reading, cooking, napping, cuddling, watching a movie...
9. Dancing like a fool. :)
10. Stationery of all shapes, textures, colors, and decorations; also: pens! Not even pretty pens, just having lots of them.
11. Doing something different in a small way, like having breakfast for dinner!
12. Flowers!  Flowers on clothes, in hair, as decorations, on jewelry... anything, really!
13. Letters - writing them, receiving them, decorating them!
14. TV shows and how we get attached to characters and stories :) It's like having a weekly gathering of friends (er... I promise, I have real friends, too ;) )
15. Directness.  I can read between the lines, but like a little kid, I'd much prefer the truth straight out. No surprises, just tell me everything that's on your mind: the good, the bad, the ugly.
16. I totally think tea can fix nearly everything. And chocolate can help make any situation better.
17. Jim Croce's music! I love a lot of music, but his lyrics and melodies are beautifully moving and full of stories. "I've got a song. And I carry it with me and I sing it loud. If it gets me nowhere I'll go there proud." "Every time the time was right, the words just came out wrong."
18. The smell of coffee, especially the smell of french vanilla coffee.
19. Sunshine - sunshine on faces in photographs, sunshine peeking through clouds, sunshine on an overwhelmingly warm day, sunshine that is so bright sunglasses aren't enough, sunshine that is bouncing off the snow....
20. Great tall water glasses, with or without a straw! I can't just drink a little bit of water, and having a big glass of water makes me cool off and feel good!
21. Petting other people's dogs!
22. Hot chocolate - even when it's not cold outside!
23. Scarves!  Infinity scarves, long drapy ones, or warm knits
24. Baking for friends or neighbors or coworkers  - because the day ends up with a warm, yummy-smelling kitchen, a cup of tea and some extra treats to dip into it!
25. Popcorn 3 ways: *with chocolate chips * with parmesan cheese * with cinnamon and melted white chocolate *

1. Construction noises! Ugh! Of any kind, they just drive me nuts!
2. Unloading the dishwasher!
3. The kind of summer weather when the sun is blinding one moment and hidden the next.
4. The way foundation is so nearly impossible to match!
5. How every woman I talk to hates shopping for jeans. It is like a game of memory out there! Can you match the jean structure to your body type?
6. Overly perfumed women in enclosed spaces. Er... just how many spritzes can a theater hold?
7. Boats. Nearly all of them make me nervous!
8. Growing up - who started this idea swirling that being an adult is challenging?  Being a kid is challenging, too!  There are great and tough aspects to any age.
9. The fact that us girls have visible symptoms to "that time of the month" - it's almost adding insult to injury when those zits come up!
10. The fact that I love hats but generally don't look good in them!

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