Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crafty Wednesday

"How many scarves does one girl need?"

As many as lip glosses, of course!

Hey there, stranger!  It's been a while.  Have you gotten the flu bug that's been floating around?  My husband and I both came down with it last week and took turns alternating with the tissues and the soup.  Reminded me a little bit of the episode of Sex and The City where Charlotte and Harry both get food poisoning the same night and end up asleep on the bathroom floor holding hands.  Ok, the flu was NOT that bad!

Back to the point (and off Sex and The City for once ;)), I made another scarf today!  Something about scarves being so comfy and beautiful, and the fact that the weather outside is starting to look like spring, and the way that the flower petals are swirling when they come off the trees...... flowing scarves and spring just kind of go together, ya know?

Polka dots take center stage in this infinity scarf

Bright blues just look like spring and much-needed sunshine!

Ugh..... flowers are SO gorgeous!  Just can't get enough.  Flowers and polka dots...
Is there anything better?

What have y'all been up to?  Our household is recovering from the flu that hit us last week.  And by household, I mean house.... leftover soup is leaving our fridge, we are running through the last of the kleenex, and the stack of laundry is slowly getting smaller.  I guess all that energy you feel when you finally get better is much needed ... you need it to catch up on all the things at home and work that you missed when you were sick!

My body just doesn't like sicknesses... one day of loopy movie watching, and I am done!  There's so much life out there!  Let's get better already! :)

Hoping the germs stay away from your family!

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