Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crafty Wednesday

"Do one thing a day that scares you"

Crafting today was REALLY fun!  It was fun because I did something I am a complete novice at!  Do you ever try something new and scary just to see how it turns out?  I love learning new techniques, but today, I did no research - I just dove right in!

After circling the paints section at Michael's (picking up different paints with each rotation, like an indecisive vulture), I brought the colors home, and laid out the brushes and canvases.  Er...

Now what????

I had no idea.  So I decided to make two canvases: one that looks earthy and another that looks like the sky.  
Here is what I see in a ground:
The earth one just had to look like lava at the bottom - I mean, that's what underneath us, right??  And there had to be assorted spots rising to the sky because the earth sends us nutrients.

 And here's my view of the sky today:
 I was thinking of the winds and clouds moving quickly and sporadically outside today.  And in the pink, I saw the change to night time.  It is so nice that spring is here!  Last night, I spend the evening laughing with my in-laws while eating dinner and watching the breeze blow the sky into pink then dark.

And then, as it was so beautiful being on the patio, I grabbed one more canvas and splattered paint on it!  Seriously, I had so much fun following curves that I saw in the paint, feeling the breeze outside.  Here's what happened from all those taps of brushes:

I think I like this one the best!! :)  Maybe it's just because it reminds me of enjoying the spring weather.
Now to find where to hang these sweeties up!  As silly as they look, I love them!  They all remind me to try new things, to not take life too seriously, and to enjoy the moment!

One day that you feel a little grumpy, or on a day that you are feeling particularly courageous, go out and try something new!  It doesn't have to be big: a new dish, a new experience, a different route.  It may just add some sparkle to shake up your day!



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