Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Crafty Wednesday

"Love is the thing, you know"

I have been on a marathon watch of all the Sex and the City episodes and movies.  After a month, I am done with all six seasons and the first movie!  They are so good!

I made this week's craft while watching the first movie, enjoying some girly time at home!

I punched out 5/8'' circles out of card stock in violet, teal, dark blue, and light blue.

I then glued two back to back on a string and hung up the strings to make a curtain!

The next photo looks so gloomy, but in real life, the circles look like rain in ocean colors!

A few things I will say about this project:
-BOY! Did it take a long time!!  The hole punching... the gluing...... so make sure you are enjoying a nice movie if you decide to do this!  This project is a little like knitting or crocheting: fun, relaxing, repetitive, and best done with a great movie and a nice drink at hand.
-I LOVE the colors!  They are all randomly placed on each string, and the string is barely visible, so it looks like there are colorful floating bobbles in front of the window!
-I had completely forgotten what it is like to have glue stick ALL over your fingers.  Remember that feeling from elementary school?  Or if you are a teacher or a parent with young kids, this is probably a typical thing for your fingertips!


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