Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crafty Tuesday


I hope you've had a good start to the week!  I love the change a new week brings, just as I love the change a Friday brings!

This Crafty Tuesday, I wanted to make something girly, but I was feeling a little too easy peasy to bring out the sewing machine.   The other day, one of my good friends sent me gorgeous bows she had sewn!  She inspired me to make some cute barrettes!  Here's what me and my glue gun came up with! 

A rosette

A teeny tiny bow
Something about bows makes me smile!  The thing I love about crafts is, you just never know how a project will turn out.  Have you seen that movie, "Dan in Real Life?"

"Prepare to be surprised"

The rosette turned out really different than what I imagined.  Love the fabric!  But the outcome looks to me more like an overwhelming blob of color.  I may need to inflate my head a little to fit the gigantic blob of color, or invent a shrinking machine.  But I don't believe in accommodating crafts. ;) They are bossy enough already.


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