Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hair Products for Curly Girls

Hiya!  Do you have curly/wavy hair?  You know, the kind that is in perfect ringlets one day and on another day, half your head is sticking straight up and the other is in a sick 80's perm.  The unpredictable, crazy kind of curly hair.  The temperamental princess.  I think of my hair like a cat: it thinks it rules the place and pretends not to care what I think, but with a few sweet treats and some loving, it is perfectly soft, bouncy, and happy.

I don't love the feel of having product in my hair, and I looove products that protect my hair (from the elements, bad vibes, frizz, ya know....)

So, here are some of my favorites!

1. Strictly Curls Perfect Curl Cream
2. Strictly Curls 24-hour Moisture Treatment
3. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil
The Strictly Curls line by Marc Anthony rocks!!  The Curl Cream is pretty thick, and the Moisture Treatment is more thin (and feels thin on the hair).  The Curl Cream is great on wet hair, damp hair, or even dry hair.  The Moisture Treatment I use on my hair when it's still wet, and I let it air dry into curl perfection.  This line is amazing - it seriously doubles the amount of curls and creates tight curls.  On wet hair, I've had better results with the Moisture Treatment.  Both products are light yellow in color (think: the color of a crayon called sunshine), and smell deliciously (and most importantly lightly) of lemon.

Before this line, I didn't know that I even had curly hair.  I thought I had frizzy hair for the longest time.  Anyone else been in this boat?  A comb and some frizz creams later, I found curls underneath the poof, and boy, is it fabulous!

Another great product that I love is the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil.  There are a lot of great oils out there, but I like this one in particular because it is not pure.  What?  That sounds weird, in a world where all I seem to hear is that pure oil is better.  But this little spritz is great because it is light enough to spray all over and not feel like you missed any part of your hair.  I love putting this on damp hair and letting it air dry.  It accentuates the curls a little, adds some shine, conditions, and protects split ends.  It is a great general "healthy hair" product.  I'm not sure what it smells like, actually, but it reminds me of old fashioned perfumes.  It isn't too strong of a scent unless you spritz your hair 20 times with it (lesson learned... you can have too much oil in your hair!)

4. Garnier Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioning Cream
5. Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Anti-Frizz Creme
6. Herbal Essences Set Me Up Texturizing Wax
Ah, the Garnier cream..... it smells heavenly!  It smells like fruits and apples, spring and summer, and the beach, all brought in by a light wind.  This is a fantastic cream!  I love conditioning creams because they protect your split ends and keep your hair frizz-free.  This one accentuates my curls in a very light way (not like the Marc Anthony line, which creates perfect curls), and is particularly great for frizzy or rainy days.  I absolutely love the fresh way it smells and the way my hair feels taken care of when I put this in.  This product is to my hair like a highlight is to face makeup: a minor adjustment that accentuates your curves and brings out some light.

If the Garnier cream is summer and easy going beauty, the Herbal Essences Anti-Frizz creme is its crazy, adventurous, girly and spontaneous twin.  They do the same gorgeous functions: smooth, de-frizz, add some curl.  However, the Herbal Essences creme smells feminine and flowery.  The scent is "pink lily." Now, I don't know too much about flower scents, but to me, this smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers, and it leaves my hair smelling like that the whole day!  What I love about both of these creams is that they are easily revivable (new word here!)  If you put the cream on in the morning, you can easily revive it in the afternoon by running wet hands through your hair (or damp, shall I say, you don't want to leave the ladies' with dripping hair.  People will wonder what you got up to.)  That adds a little bounce and the brings back some of the yummy smell.

Did I say I don't like putting heavy product in my hair?  There is one, apart from the mandatory hair spray for formal events, that I will put in: the Herbal Essences Texturing Wax.  It has a lovely scent (again, me and my yummy smells), and it is very concentrated.  Take out half a finger full and massage it across your hands before putting in your hair.  I love to run this through my ends.  It definitely feels a little sticky, but not at all stiff.  It accentuates curls and ends way better than hair spray, and is fairly light.  On long hair, this could could be gorgeous for beach hair!

Hope you've found some products you can try!  Curly girls know: we are always on the lookout for products that will let our curls shine through that facade of "why is half my hair sticking up and the other half is in perfect ringlets??"

Give your curls some loving, and the kitty will surely come out, soft, bouncy, and happy!

Toodles :)

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