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Howdy, Stranger!  You may be wondering what this blog is all about.  It is a collection of lovelies... of beautiful ideas and fun girly things.  First off, let's just jump right in - there is no place to start but to share a few things!

I'm crocheting a blanket - eep!  I just started a few days ago, and this is quite a bigger project than my typical scarves.  I love knitting and crocheting, but I am terrible with patterns.  I love the idea of patterns, but uh, I'm a little too impatient to figure them out most times.  Instead I see a picture and try to figure out how to make it.   Do you ever just look at a craft, try to replicate it, and then come up with something crazy and entirely different?  Hands up cause I do!

Anyways, this blanket is the outcome of me actually following a crocheting chart! Woohoo!  I love the swirls in it.  So far, it is scarf width!  Only 10 more scarf widths to go!

Now for a little confession about me... I've got one pretty bad habit: biting and picking at my nails.  I mean, seriously... I'm not 10 anymore!  Why do I pick at my nails?  Over the years, I've tried lots of different so-called "cures."  Pepper nail polish, a reward system.... and eureka, something worked!  It could also be that I'm more "mature" now and ready to have pretty nails....hmm...
Here's whatcha do:
1. Trim your nails and cuticles, exfoliate and moisturize (really, whatever floats your boat in terms of nail pampering)
2. Paint your nails
3. The moment you pick your nails or they get chipped, repeat 1 & 2.

Thank goodness I love painting my nails cause this approach takes up so much time!! I would start picking them apart if they had a chip in them, so I was painting my nails every day or other day in the beginning.  Needless to say, the nail polish remover is running on very low.

But, Ta-Da!  Here they are so far!

Ok, ok, there is one thing that really added the fairy dust to the situation and made this 1-2-3 process work this time (and not others.)  The amazing ....

Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle!
Seriously, it actually is a miracle. I got it because I liked the color, but wow!! After a few days of this on my nails, they had grown a milimeter!!  I'm not quite sure that the amount of exclamation points does it justice.  It's just phenomenal.  But you know, you have to use it with the 1-2-3 system! ;)


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