Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crafty Tuesday

Howdy, Stranger!

Welcome to Crafty Tuesday, a day of one new craft, whether it be big or small, a success or a disaster.  That's the way it goes with crafts, as you may well know.  One hour into the project and you may be holding a glue gun in one hand and a one-armed shirt in the other, wondering how these relate to the flower project you were working on.  Hey, let's just roll with it - these things happen!

Today, I refashioned a warm cowl from a shirt and a sweater.  The sweater pattern was so pretty I have been thinking for months of how to make this tiny sweater into something I could still wear. (Anyone else spend time mulling over patterns and fabric?  Hmm...heavenly)

And with the cold still in season and a little hot chocolate as inspiration, here's what I came up with!

You could wear it with the lace on the outside, and jersey on the inside (ah, giving it the illusion of really cold weather):

Or you could flip it inside out and wear the warmth on the inside!

This certainly calls for another round of hot chocolate!

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