Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All Plans Have Been Canceled...

...Due to SNOW!

It seems like everyone is getting snow today, and our town was no exception!  Students are coming home from school early, businesses are shutting down, and the grocery stores are mobbed by the brave.

The only craft for this Crafty Tuesday is a warm cup of hot chocolate while looking out at the drifting snow flakes.  In a Southern town where we can count the number of city snow plows on our fingers, snow means a flat-out stop to all daily activities, whether it be presentations, meetings, gatherings, errands, studies, exercises, or any of the sort.... snow in a Southern town demands family time, preferably with hot chocolate and a movie, with pjs to boot.  Now I know some Northerners are saying, "hey, it's only a few inches of snow! What's the problem?"  But for us snow is a special treat that comes in a blue moon.  So bring on the hot chocolate and movies!

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