Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dry skin and 5 minutes to get out the door?

Once, twice, or everyday in winter... It happens.  Despite copious amounts of moisturizer, despite a diversified skin care routine... You wake up with dry pathes all over.  But quick! You've got to be out the door and there is no time for a long skin care routine and makeup!

Well grab a bb cream and some cream products! Today we are eschewing powders of all types!

Here we've got a Maybelline lipstick in Lust for Blush (665), a vibrant pink cream blush from a Sonia Kashuk palette, Sonia Kashuk's cream bronzer, and a metallic eyeshadow (this one is from Pacifica).

Use a stippling brush to apply a blue toned, healthy looking blush.  If you want, use a cream bronzer to contour (I sheeted this one out quite a lot!) Pop on a metallic eyeshadow to draw attention to your eyes!  If your lids are not your dry spots, you can certainly use a powder shadow.  Top it off with a fresh lip color like Lust for Blush.  This matte line is amazing because it is moisturizing and didn't accentuate dry lips.  Now if your lips are in the desert territory, you may want to try a bright gloss!

Toodle pop! Off for some tea and some face moisturizer now that it's the end of the day!

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