Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Hi y'all!
It is snowing outside! And considering it's  the south, it's quite a bit of snow for us.... Snowflakes are visible at one particle per cubic yard.  Walking out of target, I joined the group of strangers stopped in their tracks, observing the snowfall.

Now it's quite handy given the cold atmosphere that this week happens to be Maslenitsa. New to this holiday? It is a russian folk holiday to mark the change of seasons, and boy is it fun to celebrate! On this holiday, whip up blintzes and pancakes or anything else with butter. It is the holiday of burning butter! Today I am making blintzes using Natasha's recipe - she shares awesome recipes and ogle-worthy pictures on her blog, 
Here's some of the magic in my kitchen:
Happy Maslenitsa!

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