Monday, January 5, 2015

Presto! I'm awake!

Hello, dreamers!

I've been enjoying this simple look for looking sweet and awake!  It all comes down to two of my favorite products:

The Bold Lacquer Mascara by Revlon and The Concealer & Highlighter by E.L.F.!!!
For this look, you will also need:
*foundation, bb cream, or the like
*concealer (if you wish)
*your favorite blush
*the attitude of peter pan (hey, no grown up notions here!)

After your foundation (and concealer), smile!  Place 2 dots of cream highlighter on the top of your cheek (yep, we are accentuating the wide part of the face, but the glow looks fantastic!).  Blend, blend, blend!  This highlighter is soooo easy to work with!

For the mascara, run one coat on each set of eyelashes (it looks pretty ordinary at this point!).... wait a few seconds, and apply another coat (ooh, those lashes are starting to look good!)....wait a few more and apply the last coat (what!?  why do you look so awake all of a sudden with those flirty eyelashes of yours?!)

Now top off your look with your favorite blush!  Any lip product will go with this looks, so go for your best!

Now hop on out into the sunshine and have a fabulous day!

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