Monday, February 2, 2015

You Know You're Sick When...

Do you have certain tell tale signs that tell you, yep, it's not just a one-day sickness, you've got the full on flu? Here are mine (the ones that are not so vivid and disgusting, involving words like phlegm and congestion)

You Know You're Sick When:
1. you have absolutely no ideas on anything you could do, whether that be things you need to do or things you want to do. You've got a completely blank head.
2. you seem unable to make easy decisions. Tea or soup? Huh, whaaaat...? that's so hard!
3. when you need to get something, the decision of whether or not you will get out of bed totally relies on how far away the thing is. I know I should get some warm tea for my throat, but it's in the kitchen... and I'm not in the kitchen...
4. you don't want to talk to anyone. Cause it hurts. And it is too much effort to come up with words to say.
5. You are exhausted after having slept all day.

You Know You're Sick as an Adult (vs. a Kid) When:
1. you cancel appointments and your job for the day and actually miss going.
2. the prospect of getting to watch TV for the entire day doesn't do too much for you; in fact, you have no idea what to actually watch and aren't really watching it when you turn it on.
3. your friends don't come over after school to drop off your homework for the day; instead, you make a long list of things you need to do when you get better; you hope that happens soon because the catch up is going to be terrible!
4. you really can eat whatever you want, so long as you can muster up the energy to go and get it.

Since we're going to have a long winter, let's hope for a healthy one!

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