Thursday, June 12, 2014

Moving Day!

We are moving!  And packing up everything but carry-able necessities, I started to think: what makeup items are "essential"?

Some girls adore mascara, some lipsticks, some eyeliners....

Perhaps I am boring, but as much as I love color (ah! sparkles and purple...girl, that is a beautiful combination!), my favorite essential is SUNSCREEN!

Now I wouldn't say I'm super pale, but let's just say that more than once it has happened that I have bought the lightest shade in foundation and concealer and found that it looked more like a bronzer!

And there are many things I will do for beauty, but messing up my skin for the future is not one of them.  Getting spots of any sort removed from your face is no fun matter and the scars are difficult to get rid of.  So my philosophy is to wear sunscreen now so that I don't have to wear foundation to cover up damage in the future.

Now, if I had to pick more than one item (like a genie?  You get three makeup items?), I would add concealer and a lip stain.

I love the idea of wearing just a bright lip or strong eye makeup with little other makeup on.  The reason I love it is that it's a fun illusion!  Cause all you're really wearing is a lot of confidence, and that looks fantastic!  The lipstick or eyeshadow is just a little sign that you decided to be extra confident today!

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